Planning a Wedding – Step by Step Instructions

Planning a WeddingPlanning a wedding is a real tough job in today’s world. The problems start arising with the distance between relatives and the bride or groom. The home wedding arrangements are better done if people stay nearby to help. Moreover, if the bride and the groom suddenly have to handle all the arrangements they feel a lack of experience and do not understand what procedure to follow. This article tries to simplify the process of planning a wedding.

Making a list is the priority in such celebrations. The list should contain the arrangements and the estimated expense for the respective arrangements. The person can get the estimated values from the internet like rent of a hall, floral decorations, car rentals etc. this helps in negotiating while actually booking for the same. Moreover it helps in understanding how much extra they can pay for a particular arrangement if needed. The list helps in managing the whole process in a fixed budget.Continue reading

Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding Favor IdeasWedding favors have been a part of the tradition and customs of marriage ceremonies. There is a history behind this ritual. Nonetheless, the system is so attractive that those societies that did not have the tradition have also started presenting small gifts to their guests. The traditional wedding favors were boxes with sugars and almonds. However, today the gift items have changed to some decorative pieces, small tokens or decorated boxes etc.

This article is based on some of the unique ideas on wedding favors. Putting sugar coated almonds inside the gift box is still in practice. The gift boxes can be made in different shapes. Giving a touch of the Orient to the boxes is one of the ideas. These boxes can be made in an elephant or peacock shape. Painting on those pieces or embossing stones on them is a good idea. The pieces look elegant as well as expensive. Moreover these pieces can be decorated as showpieces in the house.Continue reading

What is a Wedding Reception

What is a Wedding ReceptionThe wedding reception is a ritual that is observed to accept the society and the family and friends who make it. in this ceremony the bride and the groom formally meet the society together for the first time.

The couple hosts a function in which they receive the guests and show kindness for attending their wedding and blessing them. Generally a wedding reception is meant to be a dinner party where the new couple arranges for the food and drink. It is their first get together after marriage and they expect every friend and relative to join in their celebrations. It is a custom to invite everyone formally for the day.Continue reading

Wedding Thank You Card Wording

Wedding Thank You Card WordingDo you want to express your gratitude towards the persons who attended or will attend your bridal ceremony or reception? Well, all you have to do is to send them a message in which you say how much you appreciate the fact that they were there with you, in the special day that celebrated your union with your spouse. Read this article to find out how and what to write in wedding thank you cards that you have the moral responsibility to dispatch. More exactly, I present in this post four of the most useful tips regarding this ethical obligation.

Contrary to what most people believe, the great atmosphere at any wedding reception is created not only by the guests, but also by the assistants, i.e. by those that contribute to the organization of the reception. Well, all these contributors need a reward for their effort (and results, of course). The most appropriate manner of rewarding them is to send each of them a wedding thank you card (wording samples for such letter are provided by numerous websites and resources), right after the marriage reception. This simple act also allows the newlyweds (i.e. the persons that have just married) and their families to indicate and communicate their appreciation and gratitude for the whole work and effort of the addressees.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording Tips and Examples

Of course, this simple act of gratitude is not enough, you have to do it in the right manner, in order to have the positive effect that you expect. But what is this right manner? This appropriate manner concerns, first of all, the content, that is the wording for wedding thank you cards. The most important thing that can be said about this content refers to its main subject (or the principal theme or even the major topic, if you want). Naturally, the main subject of such a short informal letter of gratitude is… well, which other than the gratitude itself?Continue reading