Wedding Decorations – What Should You Do

Wedding DecorationsWedding decorations have their own grandeur and elegance. People can identify a reception hall as a wedding reception hall by the decorations itself. A birthday celebration or any other occasions are not as grand as the wedding party.

Hence the decorations are also done in a unique manner. Nonetheless certain changes can be brought in to make the decoration more colorful and gorgeous than the common ones. This article is based on certain such ideas which can make the wedding decorations more unique and beautiful.

Generally the wedding venues or reception halls are decorated in the same fashion. There are heavy curtains on the windows, table cloths and mats decorate the table, flowers are fashioned in small vases on the guests’ tables, chair covers and wedding cake.Continue Reading

The Ten Components of the Context of a Mother of the Groom Wedding Speech

Mother of the Groom Wedding SpeechWhen beginning to think about the topics they would like to cover in their talks, about their formulations or about any other aspect concerning their future discourses at bridal receptions, there is an essential thing that all the speakers must not only take into account, but also be aware of and, most importantly, clarify.

It is the context of the wedding speeches. Mother of the groom, just like any other person who will speak at a party that celebrates the union of two persons, has to be crystal clear about ten elements or aspects, whose ensemble represents the context of her talk.

These ten details help the speaker not only to prepare his or her discourse, but also to deliver it in an impeccable manner. These ten elements define, in fact, what is the most important thing when it comes to a speech of any kind: its atmosphere.

And, when I say “atmosphere”, I refer not only to the environment, ambiance and circumstances where the discourse is offered, but also to the atmosphere that is actually created by the talk.

The Ten Components of the Context of a Mother of the Groom Wedding Speech

Let’s see now what exactly you have to clarify, with regards to your mother of groom speech. Well, there are, in fact, ten questions you have to ask yourself, then remember their answers and become aware of them, since they represent the essence of your talk. The ten elements of the context of the discourse that you will deliver during your son’s wedding ceremony or reception are:

  1. the atmosphere that you create with your talk;
  2. the impression about you that you create and let in your listeners’ minds;
  3. the general tone of your talk;
  4. the overall purpose of your discourse;
  5. the “duties” of your talk;
  6. the principal subject of your speech;
  7. the persons whom you ought to include in your discourse;
  8. the reason why you speak;
  9. the event at which you must speak;
  10. the immediate circumstances of your speech.

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Short and To-The-Point Guide to Great Wedding Reception Invitations

Wedding Reception InvitationsNowadays wedding reception invitations come in a variety of styles, forms and designs. Planning a wedding is a time consuming affair. But it is certainly worth spending so much time as ones wedding is the most important event in a person’s life. The newlyweds want to share their joy with everybody. Hence, it is important to have the invitations designed carefully.

Choosing the right invitation for the wedding reception is not an easy task. There are so many styles that you might get confused as to which one is the best. When selecting the invitations, wording the first things that you must consider is the kind of wedding reception you are having. For instance, if your wedding is very traditional then the wording of the invitation should be formal. On the other hand, if you are having an informal outdoor party, which is more like a picnic the invitation should be casual.Continue Reading

Father of the Groom Speech Template & Examples

Father of the Groom SpeechWhen preparing for a discourse of a certain type, a general structure or format of such a talk is probably the best thing you could possibly get. That’s because you can use this structure and adapt it, if necessary, for your situation. The resource that is promoted by this website contains a lot of father of the groom speech examples, samples and templates that you can use, adjust or combine for obtaining the discourse that you would like to offer at your son’s upcoming wedding ceremony or reception.

An interesting and useful template for such a talk can also be found right here, in this article, where I included the best ideas and the most valuable topics that you should cover in your speech. Of course, the format presented in the sections of this post is not mandatory; you can select any elements that you like from it, you can change their order and add any other subjects that you like.

Moreover, it’s important to know that I don’t guarantee that your discourse will be successful if you follow this template, because the success of such a talk depends not only on the content of the speech, but also on the way you deliver it and even on whether you use some essential tips or not. These tips are covered in other articles that I published on this website and also in the resource that I told you about in the previous paragraph. Anyway, I’m sure that you, as the groom’s father, can appreciate the value of the template revealed in this post after you will go through all the sections below.

The 3 Parts of Any Father of the Groom Speech Template

You should be aware that your talk can be regarded as a written composition. If you think at the time when you were in school and your teacher gave you homeworks in which you had to compose short pieces of writing on various themes, topics and subjects, you certainly recall the three well known parts of such a composition: the introduction, the body and, of course, the ending. Well, these should be also the three components of any type of discourse, inclusively yours. Read the following paragraphs for discovering what topics you ought to cover in each of these three major sections.Continue Reading

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas that are Simple but Impressive

Idea of a wedding table decoration

Wedding is a special event that takes place in a bride and groom’s life where they become each other’s in front of all the other close associates their relatives and most importantly in the front view of their parents. It is a sacred ceremony for every religion in the world and is performed with utmost sincerity and care and cherishfulness. Every one in the family and friends circle get together for the purpose of a successful and heart warming phenomenon wedding of the bride and groom. All the people come with their wishes for the successful after wedding life of the bride and groom. Starting from children to the elder most member of the family all the people are at their cranky best and gets fluently involved in the process of wedding to reduce the tensions of the to be weds couple.


Wedding table decoration is the first place where the couples want to make a spectacular impression on the guests and it all starts with the decoration of the dinner table in an extravagant eye catching manner. There are many elements that are requiring in right proportions so as to add glamour and substance to the wedding table decoration. It is a job to be handled by the out and out professionals so that a perfect piece is obtained.Continue Reading

Father of the Bride Speech

Father of the Bride SpeechBeing the bride’s father can be very overwhelming, since this position implies a lot of responsabilities, especially if you and your wife (the bride’s mom) are the ones who organize your daughter’s wedding, as the wedding protocol from many cultures and regions provides. If you are the host of the party that celebrates your daughter’s union, then it’s almost mandatory to deliver the first speech, i.e. the father of the bride speech, at the reception. This article deals with the content of such an oration. More precisely, this post presents, in its first section, the most important ideas that ought to be covered in your wedding toast. In the second (which is also the last) section of this article, you will find three of the most helpful tips regarding the text of such a speech.

Structure of the Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches

The famous three-sections structure of the short literary texts that every pupil has to write (on a certain subject) as homeworks for the high school classes must be followed even by the wedding speeches. Father of the bride ought to respect this simple rule, which states that the oration that he delivers at his daughter’s wedding should have a generous middle section (usually known as the oration’s body), that must be enclosed by two much smaller sections: an introduction, which precedes the body and opens the oration, and an ending, that follows the body and finishes the oration.Continue Reading

Unique Wedding Reception Food Ideas

Unique Wedding Reception Food IdeasThe wedding reception food ideas should be unique if the bride and the groom want their big day to remain unforgettable. Food is the main concern in a reception party as the host offers hospitality and receives the society on this day. Hospitality in the older days meant offering good food and drink. The unique and exclusive ideas in this article discusses about both food and drink.

The menu of the day can be set upon some theme. The theme can be upon countries and the food that is served will be the exclusive cuisine of the country. Generally people love to eat Chinese and Italian food. However, they are quite common in wedding receptions. The two can be mixed to make it more unique. For example tea is not drunk in these parties. The host can offer Chinese tea in their ceramic cups to make the mood of the reception much better. Tea is a refreshing drink either served hot or cold. Hence the adults and the children will like to drink tea.Continue Reading

Mother of the Bride Speech Examples, Tips and Ideas

Mother of the Bride SpeechYou are preparing for your daughter’s wedding reception and, in addition to all the worries generated by this special event (which are even greater if you and your husband are arranging this important party, according to the wedding protocol from many cultures), you must get ready for offering a toast, a mother of the bride speech, on this occasion. Having so many responsibilities, it’s really difficult to create such a speech, which has to be perfect, being the toast delivered by the bride’s mom. When it comes to this speech (that you will give at the wedding reception), you must relax, because I created this article special for coming to your aid. More exactly, I included in this post the topics that you ought to deal with in your oration, and also some of the best hints on creating and delivering a successful wedding speech.

General Structure of a Toast of the Bride’s Mother

There are only three parts that should form a typical speech: a brief opening section (in which you may indicate the major theme of your oration), a considerable main section (where the bride’s mom ought to deal with the main subject of her toast) and a small final part (in which you can include a summary of the principal topic of your speech).Continue Reading

Planning a Wedding – Step by Step Instructions

Planning a WeddingPlanning a wedding is a real tough job in today’s world. The problems start arising with the distance between relatives and the bride or groom. The home wedding arrangements are better done if people stay nearby to help. Moreover, if the bride and the groom suddenly have to handle all the arrangements they feel a lack of experience and do not understand what procedure to follow. This article tries to simplify the process of planning a wedding.

Making a list is the priority in such celebrations. The list should contain the arrangements and the estimated expense for the respective arrangements. The person can get the estimated values from the internet like rent of a hall, floral decorations, car rentals etc. this helps in negotiating while actually booking for the same. Moreover it helps in understanding how much extra they can pay for a particular arrangement if needed. The list helps in managing the whole process in a fixed budget.Continue Reading

Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding Favor IdeasWedding favors have been a part of the tradition and customs of marriage ceremonies. There is a history behind this ritual. Nonetheless, the system is so attractive that those societies that did not have the tradition have also started presenting small gifts to their guests. The traditional wedding favors were boxes with sugars and almonds. However, today the gift items have changed to some decorative pieces, small tokens or decorated boxes etc.

This article is based on some of the unique ideas on wedding favors. Putting sugar coated almonds inside the gift box is still in practice. The gift boxes can be made in different shapes. Giving a touch of the Orient to the boxes is one of the ideas. These boxes can be made in an elephant or peacock shape. Painting on those pieces or embossing stones on them is a good idea. The pieces look elegant as well as expensive. Moreover these pieces can be decorated as showpieces in the house.Continue Reading